AWS demo for DevCrowd 2012
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Table of Contents

DevCrowd 2012 AWS sample application

Setup JBoss

Start JBoss AS 7.1+

Fix the slf4j module, by editing ${JBOSS_HOME}/modules/org/jboss/logging/main/module.xml and add those two to the dependencies:

    <module name="org.apache.log4j"/>
    <module name="org.slf4j"/>

This might be fixed by JBoss one day, but still for JBoss AS 7.1-Final does not work properly

Build & Deploy the war

Build the project with

 mvn clean install

And put target/devcrowd-aws-demo-1.0-SNAPSHOT.war in '${JBOSS_HOME}/standalone/deployments

Run the application

JMS & Hibernate version

Run the server with:

 ./ -Dlocal --server-config=standalone-full.xml

Deploy JMS queue with the admin console:

 jms-queue add --queue-address=DevcrowdQueue --entries=queues/MessageQueue

This will use JPA/JMS services.

SQS & SDB version

Fill in and sqs.conf in the resources folder (use .sample files)

Create an empty messages domain in SDB.

Run the server with


Access the application

Go to http://localhost:8080/devcrowd-aws-demo-1.0-SNAPSHOT/home/index

Load generator

To run the load generator, execute: mvn -Plg exec:exec