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Using Tailwind CSS for Themeable Interfaces


This is really basic demo showing how you might approach configuring Tailwind CSS if you needed an interface to support multiple themes.

The basic premise is to define your styles in your config file using CSS Custom Properties, and use a more functional/"semantic" naming scheme for your classes.

For example, here's how the text colors are defined in this demo:

config.textColors = {
  'primary': 'var(--color-text-primary)',
  'secondary': 'var(--color-text-secondary)',
  'default': 'var(--color-text-default)',
  'default-soft': 'var(--color-text-default-soft)',
  'inverse': 'var(--color-text-inverse)',
  'inverse-soft': 'var(--color-text-inverse-soft)',

Each theme then defines these custom properties inside of their own theme class:

.theme-startup {
    --color-text-primary: #fff;
    --color-text-secondary: #44467b;
    --color-text-default: #373737;
    --color-text-default-soft: #6a6a6a;
    --color-text-inverse: #fff;
    --color-text-inverse-soft: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.7);

.theme-boring {
    --color-text-primary: #fff;
    --color-text-secondary: #755f17;
    --color-text-default: #444;
    --color-text-default-soft: #999;
    --color-text-inverse: #444;
    --color-text-inverse-soft: #999;

.theme-elegant {
    --color-text-primary: #fff;
    --color-text-secondary: #927e7e;
    --color-text-default: #373737;
    --color-text-default-soft: #6a6a6a;
    --color-text-inverse: #fff;
    --color-text-inverse-soft: #bbb;
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