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A PowerShell module to interact with the blogging platform, Ghost's API.
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PSGhost - Manage your Ghost Blog with PowerShell

Setup Instructions

  1. Download PSGhost from the PowerShell Gallery (Install-Module PSGhost)
  2. Create a custom integration for Ghost.
  3. Find your API keys in the Ghost console from your custom integration at
  4. Save all API keys and the API URL to your local configuration. This command saves your API keys encrypted to %LOCALAPPDATA%\PSGhost\configuration.json
Save-GhostConfigurationItem -Label ContentApiKey -Value 'XXXXXXXXX'
Save-GhostConfigurationItem -Label AdminApiKey -Value 'XXXXXXXX'
Save-GhostConfigurationItem -Label ApiUrl -Value 'https://<account-name>'
Save-GhostConfigurationItem -Label UserName -Value 'XXXXXX'
Save-GhostConfigurationItem -Label UserPassword -Value 'XXXXXXXX'
  1. Run Get-GhostConfiguration to ensure all API keys are returned decrypted.
  2. Run a command to ensure no errors are returned: Get-GhostSettings.

FYI: Only tested on Ghost(Pro)

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