Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer
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Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer

This combines a Browser Helper Object with a singleton engine process to block ads in Internet Explorer. The engine process embeds libadblockplus.

Requirements to work with the repository and the code


You need to have installed python 2.7. It should be the version available by default from Visual Studio as well as in your command line environment. Simply put, make sure that path to python.exe is in your PATH environment variable.

Visual C++ toolset

There should be available v110 and v110_xp toolsets. For instance, they are contained in freely available Visual Studio 2012 Express for Windows Desktop and in any paid edition of Visual Studio 2012. Take into account that you might need to get the recent updates of mentioned editions, more details about v110_xp

ATL versions

It works with ATL shipped with any paid edition of Visual Studio 2012 as well as with ATL shipped with Visual Studio 2013 Community edition. If you use Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition as the source of ATL then set ADBLOCKPLUS_ATL environment variable to the directory of the corresponding ATL (e.g, C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\VC\atlmfc) Attention:

Visual Studio as an IDE

Currently the project configured to work with MS Visual Studio 2012 as an IDE because the main development and release builds are in Visual Studio 2012. However one can also use any higher version of Visual Studio as and IDE, the caveat is to disable "Upgrade C++ Compilers and Libraries".

Getting/updating the dependencies

adblockplusie has dependencies that aren't part of this repository. They are retrieved and updated when you're generating the VS solution for the build, but you can also manually update them by running the following:



Building is tested on the following configurations

  • [free for everybody] "Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows Desktop" as the source of toolset with "Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2013" as the source of ATL. Pay attention to the configuring of the environment described in "ATL versions" section.
  • "Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2012"
  • "Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2012"

  • Execute createsolution.bat to retrieve dependencies and generate project files, this will create build\ia32\adblockplus.sln (solution for the 32 bit build) and build\x64\adblockplus.sln (solution for the 64 bit build). Unfortunately, V8 (which is used by libadblockplus) doesn't support creating both from the same project files.

  • Open build\ia32\adblockplus.sln or build\x64\adblockplus.sln in Visual Studio and build the solution there. Alternatively you can use the msbuild command line tool, e.g. run msbuild /m build\ia32\adblockplus.sln from the Visual Studio Developer Command Prompt to create a 32 bit debug build.


In order to test the extension, you need to register the Browser Helper Object with IE. You can do this by locating AdblockPlus.dll (e.g. in build\ia32\Debug) and running (with elevated privileges):

regsvr32 AdblockPlus.dll

For the UI to work, you also need to copy the html and locale directories to the same directory AdblockPlus.dll is in.

Building the installer

You need WiX 3.8 (make sure %WIX%\bin is in %PATH%) and InnoSetup 5.5.

  • Execute installer\createsolutions.bat to generate the installer project files, this will create a bunch of project files in the installer\build\ia32 and installer\build\x64 directories.
  • Open and build installer\build\ia32\installer.sln and installer\build\x64\installer.sln in Visual Studio. Alternatively you can use the msbuild command line tool, i.e. run msibuild /m installer\build\ia32\adblockplus.sln and msibuild /m installer\build\x64\adblockplus.sln from the Visual Studio Developer Command Prompt.
  • Either open and compile installer\src\innosetup-exe\64BitTwoArch.iss in InnoSetup or run iscc.exe installer\src\innosetup-exe\64bitTwoArch.iss.