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Address finder for websites to verify New Zealand addresses at the point of capture. Code samples are provided for fast and effective integration. Lightweight open source third party libraries are used for calling Addy’s free address finder API. Visit for documentation and free address API access.
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Address lookup and verification made easy

Create a delightful user experience and remove friction from your online forms, save customers time and increase your conversion rates.

Addresses are standardised at the point of capture, validated against official data sources including the New Zealand Postal Address File (PAF) and Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) database.

Avoid the unnecessary costs of failed deliveries, improve shipping efficiency and ensure parcels arrive first time.

Addy Address Autocomplete

Addy's address lookup use intelligent fuzzy matching for searching. This means that if a typo, invalid suburb or partially correct address is entered, customers can still find the right delivery or billing address.

Get Started

Create a free account to get an API key.

  1. Include addycomplete.min.css in your page, via the usual tags:
<link rel="stylesheet" href="addycomplete.min.css" />
  1. Include addycomplete.min.js at the bottom of the page, before closing the body tag:
<script src="addycomplete.min.js?key=YOUR-ADDY-KEY&callback=initAddy" async defer></script>

Replace YOUR-ADDY-KEY with your own Addy API Key.

Define the fields and options that will be called by the initAddy callback function once the script has loaded.

function initAddy() {
    var addyComplete = new AddyComplete(document.getElementById("address1"));
    addyComplete.fields = {
        address1: document.getElementById("address1"),
        address2: document.getElementById("address2"),
        suburb: document.getElementById("suburb"),
        city: document.getElementById("city"),
        postcode: document.getElementById("postcode")

Live demo and documentation:


Addy's address finder is free of charge; download and install it at no cost. Just setup an account with Addy to get your 1,500 free completed address validations per month. If you require additional address lookups, simply pay as you go. See:


Official Addy site:

NZ Address Finder and Postcode API Documentation:

All Documentation:

Frequently Asked Questions:


The Address Checker code is released under the MIT License.

The reqwest library included in the bundle is released under the MIT License

The Neat Complete library included in the bundle is released under the GNU Affero General Public License

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