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Addy's address autocomplete uses the latest address data from official sources with advanced search methods to improve the speed, accuracy and customer experience of your WooCommerce checkout page.
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WooCommerce Address Autocomplete Plugin by

With Addy, you can validate and get the right address data at the point of capture, reducing the need to clean it once it's in your database. Reduce cost by delivering first time, every time.

Completing billing and shipping address details is often seen as a friction point in online shopping. It takes up time and is even worse when completing an order from a small smartphone. Hence the reason for cart abandonment.

WooCommerce retailers have the opportunity to turn a pain point into a selling point.
Usability research shows that address autocomplete with type-ahead verification, improves speed and accuracy that will leave shoppers feeling positive about their checkout experience.

Validate addresses with accuracy as you type

Customers can complete orders faster and addresses are validated in real-time against official NZ Post and LINZ databases.   This will allow you to increase your online sales and reduce orders containing incomplete or undeliverable shipping details.

Solve shipping issues

Addy uses advanced fuzzy error correction to ensure that addresses can be found and populated quickly and accurately. This means that if a typo, invalid suburb or partially correct address is entered, your customers can still find the right delivery or billing address because the addresses are validated against actual delivery point data from official address sources, including the New Zealand Postal Address File (PAF).

Improve the customer experience on mobile and desktop devices

Addy works across devices with internet access, from computers and tablets to smartphones. Customers love the ease and speed that Addy delivers. Addy makes placing orders on both desktop and mobile devices fast and accurate.

Configured in minutes

Getting Addy on your WooCommerce site couldn't be easier.  Install the plugin, apply your free address key and you're done!

Great value

There are no setup cost, no long term contract and no credit card required to use Addy. 

Addy offer 1,500 free completed address requests per month.  

Addy doesn't restrict access if you have a busy month.  You only get invoiced for additional completed address requests that you use.

Visit the pricing page for more information and to find a plan that works for your business (


  • Wordpress v4.1 or higher
  • WooCommerce v2.3 or higher

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Leave your customers with the impression that you care.
You value people's time, you are committed to service, and you will go the extra mile by leveraging technology to make life easy for your customers.
Positive customer experiences make a shopper more likely to return, foster loyalty and help with the long-term success of an online business.

Make an intelligent business decision and register for a free account today.

No setup fee. No fixed contracts. No credit card required.

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