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Current project status: active, not yet ready for consumption.
This is a semi-fork of jQueryUI with a number of components that I consider are missing from official releases. At present the aim is to include up-to-date versions of the following:
Select-menu (included)
Checkbox (included)
Textbox (under consideration - would need to be more than just CSS3 theming)
Extended datepicker
This repo contains work built upon by other developers including the Filament Group, Felix Nagel and Craig Oshima.
I became aware of the formcontrols branch on jqueryui shortly after pushing stuff to this repo. It appears there is currently further work being done on selectmenu by scott gonzalez ( and better form-control theming may be in the pipelines.
As we have a need at AOL for a consistant set of themable components right now including the set I mention above, I'll be continuing to pursue this project for the time-being.