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You ♡ Web Standards. You maybe even feel compelled to “give back” to the community. Curious about where to start? We’re here to help.


Do you have some ideas for ways that all developers—from the seasoned professionals to those donning their first blue beanie—can get involved, learn more, and help move web standards forward? Chime in here or look at the github issues!. We'll be adding new ideas, resources and tasks regularly so feel free to check back often.

IRC channel

We're in #movethewebforward on freenode IRC. For those without an IRC client see

Staging server

View the current site at

Dev Notes

Add ?mobile to the end of index.html to see assets as they will appear on mobile devices (determined by screen size, really), and “?basic” to see assets as they will appear in browsers that don’t support media queries. I haven’t done much in the way of styling either way. There’s quite a bit of behind-the-scenes logic goin’ on that we most definitely will not need for a one-pager, so a lot of that will be removed very soon.