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A Polymer.js template for building fast, robust web apps using Web Components
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I now recommend using seed-element if you're starting off new Polymer elements. I wrote a guide on how to use it over on the Polymer docs site.

Polymer.js Boilerplate

Polymer Boilerplate is a front-end template for building fast, robust, and adaptable web apps using Web Components.


Polymer is a library of polyfills and sugar which enable the use of Web Components in modern browsers. The project allows developers to build apps using the platform of tomorrow and inform the W3C of places where in-flight specifications can be further improved.


  • Boilerplate for Polymer elements
  • Minimal HTML5 Boilerplate
  • Vulcanize support for inlining HTML Imports
  • LiveReload support for automatic refresh on edit
  • JSHint linting for projects
  • Mocha for unit testing
  • Sane project stucture
  • Simple sample Polymer elements
  • Grunt for build-process, Bower for dep. management
  • "Delete-key friendly." Easy to strip out parts you don't need.


Quick start

Using Bower

Run bower install polymer-boilerplate

With Git

Clone the git repo — git clone - and checkout the tagged release you'd like to use.

# Install our Grunt dependencies
$ cd polymer-boilerplate
$ npm install && bower install

# Edit and the browser live reloads
$ grunt server

# Build your project, creating an optimized build.html
$ grunt build

# Run any unit tests you might have written
$ grunt test


Anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute.

Looking for Polymer.js tooling?

For a more interactive developer experience, we recommend using generator-polymer - Polymer scaffolding using Yeoman (a scaffolding tool for the web). This lets you easily create and customize Polymer (custom) elements via the command-line and import them using HTML Imports. This saves you time writing boilerplate code so you can start writing up the logic to your components straight away.


MIT License

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