TMI (Too Many Images) - discover your image weight on the web
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Discover your image weight on the web

Find out the image weight in your pages, compare to the BigQuery quantiles and discover what images you can optimize further.


$ npm install --global tmi


$ tmi --help

    $ tmi <url> [options]

    --verbose    Detailed summary
    --key        Google API Key. By default the free tier is used
    --strategy   Strategy to use when analyzing the page: mobile|desktop
    --locale     Locale results should be generated in
    --threshold  Threshold score to pass the PageSpeed test

    $ tmi --strategy=desktop

Verbose mode

Verbose mode will show you a detailed summary of which images needs improving.

Good test URLs

Local testing

We plan on adding support for testing localhost and local files in the very near future. Until then, ngrok should be able to help get you mostly there.


See psi if you need a programmatic API for PageSpeed Insights.


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