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Adelyte Company

Adelyte Company

Control Simply

Standard ML 13 1


Crescendo Framework for Crestron control systems.

Updated April 14, 2014

Standard ML 3 0


Yahoo! Weather RSS reader for Crestron control systems

Updated March 17, 2014

JavaScript 0 0


Simple expectation testing based on Appcelerator Codestrong 2012.

Updated July 15, 2013

Standard ML 2 1


CasaTunes Web Services for Crestron control systems

Updated June 18, 2013

Ruby 0 1


Relationships between Mongoid embedded documents with the same document.

Updated May 26, 2013

Java 0 9


forked from appersonlabs/Carbon

A Titanium Mobile native framework - Use JSON to natively build your UI!

Updated December 27, 2012


forked from crowdint/rails3-jquery-autocomplete

An easy and unobtrusive way to use jQuery's autocomplete with Rails 3

Updated October 26, 2012

Ruby 0 2


forked from yury/coffee-views

CoffeeScript in your views

Updated October 08, 2012

JavaScript 0 334


forked from spine/spine

Lightweight MVC library for building JavaScript applications

Updated October 11, 2011

Objective-C 1 844


forked from appcelerator/titanium_mobile

Appcelerator Titanium Mobile

Updated September 28, 2011


forked from snusnu/dm-accepts_nested_attributes

A DataMapper plugin that allows nested model assignment like activerecord.

Updated August 02, 2011

JavaScript 1 14


forked from appcelerator/tijscore

Titanium Mobile KJS based fork

Updated July 26, 2011

JavaScript 0 6


forked from dbrady/ligament.js

Backbone.js extension that connects backbone models with relational associations.

Updated June 07, 2011

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