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An open source web-based snippets management tool
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canSnippet Community Edition (CE)


canSnippet is an open source web-based application to save and share your snippets. For more details check


  1. Download the latest file
  2. send the zip file to your server and unzip
  3. open the following URL in your web browser http://canSnippet.[YOUR_DOMAIN]/install.php
  4. Follow the simple instructions (i.e. fill in the form)
  5. Remove the install.php file for better security
  6. You are done ! Now you canSnippet...

With Dockerfile put together a Dockerfile to run canSnippet using Docker, you can find more information in the following repo:


Home page Admin interface

See canSnippet CE live here


  • Big thank you to the bioinfo-fr community and beta testers to make v2.0 real
  • Thanks to Isabelle Stévant for the icons and the font.
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