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Direct printing from Browser

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I'm web developer, and get project to make some Point Of Sale (POS) software. I have trouble when i need print some receipt especially with POS printer, so i make this project.

How it work

Recta need desktop software called Recta Host, it serve all hardware connection and bridge with Browser via Websocket

How to use


  • You need to install Recta Host on every host that will be used for print, checkout here to more information.


Just include it like other JS library

<script src=""></script>

Using Webpack or Browserify

Recta support commonjs module, so if you using webpack for your project. you can easly using it like other module

  1. Install package
$ npm install --save recta
  1. Import in your code
// using CommonJS
var Recta = require('recta')
// using ES6 style
import Recta from 'recta'


<script type="text/javascript">
  // ...
  var printer = new Recta('APPKEY', '1811')

  function onClick () { () {
        .text('Hello World !!')
        .text('This is bold text')
        .text('This is underline text')
        .barcode('CODE39', '123456789')
  // ...



new Recta(key, port)

Create a new Recta object, parameter:

  • Key: APPKEY used to authentication with Host, You can see on your Recta Host Configuration
  • Port: port of host, default: 1811



open connection to printer host.

return Promise


print text.

note: it automaticaly add linefeed (\n) use .raw() instead if you wouldn’t add linefeed.


set horizontal text align, parameter value can be:

  • LEFT


turn emphasized mode on / off, default: true


turn underline mode on / off, set 2 for set 2-dot width underline, default: true


select character font 'A' or 'B'

.mode(font, emphasized, doubleHeight, doubleWidth, underline)

select print modes, parameter:

  • font: select character font, value: 'A' or 'B', default: 'A'
  • emphasized: turn on / off emphasized / bold mode, value: true or false, default: false
  • doubleHeight: turn on / off double height mode, value: true or false, default: false
  • doubleWidth: turn on / off double width mode, value: true or false, default: false
  • underline: turn on / off underline mode, value: true or false, default: false

.cut(partial, linefeed)

cut paper, parameter:

  • partial: if true execute partial cut (one point left uncut) else cut paper completely (full cut), value: true or false, default: false
  • linefeed: add linefeed, value: integer, default: 4

.barcode(type, barcode, barcodeHeight)

print barcode, parameter

  • type: type of Barcode, value:
    • UPC-A
    • UPC-E
    • EAN13
    • EAN8
    • CODE39
    • ITF
    • CODE93
    • CODE128
  • barcode: content barcode, value: string
  • barcodeHeight: set barcode height (optional), value: integer


set barcode height, value can be range: 1 ≤ n ≤ 255


add linefeed as much as n, default: 4


print raw text / buffer


send print command to printer. printer wouldn’t execute until you call this


send reset instruction to printer


return a sliced Buffer instance and clear buffer

return Buffer


clear buffer


close connection to host

return Promise


.on('open', function() {})

Fired upon successful connection

.on('close', function() {})

Fired upon disconnected

.on('error', function(error) {})

Fired when an error occurs


  • Fork this repo
  • Clone your repo
  • Install dependencies
  • Checkout a feature branch
  • Feel free to add your features
  • Make sure your features are fully tested
  • Open a pull request, and enjoy <3


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details