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Modified emulators for all-in-one OS emulation
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1983 Twiggy Mac (DP2:PR1.7).7z
1983 Mac 128k Mousing Around (0.85:1.0a).7z
1984 Mac System Software (MFS) (0.97:1.0) .7z
1984 Mac System Software 0.1 (MFS) (1.1:1.1g) .7z
1985 Mac System Software 0.3 (MFS) (2.0:4.1) .7z
1985 Mac System Software 0.5 (MFS) (2.1:4.1).7z
1986 Mac System Software 0.7 (3.0:5.1).7z
1986 System Software 1.0 (3.1:5.2).7z
1986 System Software 1.0.1 (3.1.1:5.2).7z
1986 System Software 1.1 (3.2:5.3).7z
1987 AppleShare Workstation 1.1 (3.3:5.5).7z
1987 System Software 2.0.1a (4.0:5.4).7z
1987 System Software 2.0.1b (4.1:5.5).7z
1987 System Software 5.0 (4.2:6.0).7z
1987 System Software 5.1 (4.3:6.0) (Hoodoo) .7z
1988 AppleShare Workstation 2.0.1 (3.4:6.1).7z
1989 System Software
1989 System Software
1989 System Software
1989 System Software
1990 System Software 6.0.4 (Antares).7z
1990 System Software 6.0.5 (Big Deal).7z
1990 System Software 6.0.6 (SixPack).7z
1990 System Software
1991 System Software 6.0.8 (Terminator).7z
1991 System Software (International).7z
1991 Macintosh System 7.0.0 • (Furnishings 2000).7z
1991 Macintosh System 7.0.1 • (Beta Cheese) .7z
1992 Macintosh System 6.0.8L (HighBit).7z
1992 Macintosh System 7.0.1P (P200).7z
1992 Macintosh System 7.1 (I Tripoli).7z
1992 Macintosh System 7.1P (P600).7z
1993 Macintosh System 7.1 P2 (P450).7z
1993 Macintosh System 7.1 P4 (P480).7z
1993 Macintosh System 7.1.1 (Pro).7z
1994 Macintosh System 7.1 P5 (P560).7z
1994 Macintosh System 7.1 P6 (P575).7z
1994 Macintosh System 7.1.2 (Jirocho) .7z
1994 Macintosh System 7.1.2P (P630).7z
1994 Macintosh System 7.5 (Mozart) (68K).7z
1995 Mac OS 7.5.1 (P630CD).7z
1995 Mac OS 7.5.2 (Marconi) (PPC).7z
1995 Mac OS 7.5.3L (Supermac S900) (PPC).7z
1996 Mac OS 7.5.3r2 (Unity) (PPC).7z
1996 Mac OS 7.5.3r2.1 (P6400).7z
1996 Mac OS 7.5.5 (PPC).7z
1997 Mac OS 7.6.0 (PPC) (Harmony).7z
1997 Mac OS 7.6.1 (PPC) (Ides of Buster).7z
1997 Mac OS 8.0 (PPC) (Tempo).7z
1998 Mac OS 8.1 (PPC) (Bride of Buster).7z
1998 Mac OS 8.5 (Allegro).7z
1998 Mac OS
1999 Mac OS 8.6 (Veronica).7z
1999-2000 Mac OS 9.0.4 (Sonata).7z
2000 Mac OS X Public Beta.7z
2001 Mac OS
2001 Mac OS 9.2.2 (LU1).7z
2001 Mac OS X 10.0.4 (Cheetah).7z
2001-2 Mac OS X 10.1.5 (Puma).7z
2002-3 Mac OS X 10.2.8 (Jaguar).7z
2003-5 Mac OS X 10.3.9 (Panther).7z
2005-7 Mac OS X 10.4.11 (PPC) (Tiger).7z
2007-9 Mac OS X 10.5.8 (PPC) (Leopard).7z


Modified emulators for all-in-one OS emulation. Designed to display in doubled 640x360 or 1280x720 screen resolution (default 720P video for YouTube, etc, will not be scaled so stays crisp).

For "1983 Twiggy Mac (DP2/PR1.7).app" through "1994 Macintosh System 7.1.2 (Jirocho).app":

All the non-Performa apps are based on Mini vMac (mostly 3.4.1 and later).

A ROM image and a boot image will need to be placed in <>/Contents/mnvm_dat/ -- the folder indicates the name needed for the ROM image and the boot image. The ROM image has to be a valid Macintosh 128K ROM image, a valid Mac Plus ROM image or a valid Macintosh II-series ROM image as indicated; the dsk file should be a Disk Copy 4.2 compatible boot disk of the indicated OS version. After these are added and named correctly, the application will boot into the OS automatically when double clicked. Any disk images up until the maximum allowed (I think I set it to 6 for most?) named disk1.dsk through disk#.dsk will be automatically mounted.

For "1992 Macintosh System 7.0.1P (P200)" through "1995 Mac OS 7.5.1 (P630CD)":

All the apps targeting Performa computers in this range are using Basilisk II.

A ROM image for the Quadra 650 or compatible and a sparsebundle disk image of the OS will need to be added to <>/Contents/Resources/ or the file <>/Contents/Resources/Config will need to be modified to point to the new boot image and ROM. Any legitimate disk image can be converted to a sparsebundle using

For "1995 Mac OS 7.5.2 (Marconi) (PPC).app" through "1999-2000 Mac OS 9.0.4 (Sonata).app":

All the apps targeting non-OS X are using SheepShaver.

A New World ROM image and a sparsebundle disk image will need to be added to <>/Contents/Resources/Files/MacOS.sheepvm/ -- the file <>/Contents/Resources/Files/MacOS.sheepvm/prefs contains the configuration data. Any legitimate disk image can be converted to a sparsebundle using

For "1999 Mac OS X Server" through "2007-9 Mac OS X 10.5.8 (PPC) (Leopard).app":

No ROM image is needed, but you will need to modify the <>/Contents/Resources/script file to point to the install image and hard disk image you wish to use. Make sure each line of the qemu command ends with a \ except the last one.

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