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Adfinis SyGroup AG Trainings

This are the source files for our trainings. For the builded versions, see:

How to clone the git repository

For read-write clone it over ssh

git clone --recursive

or for read-only over https

git clone --recursive

How to create a new training

Each training has three unique parts

  • Name of the training

  • Name of the module

  • A unique ID

    $ ./adsy-trainings-common.src/ <training name> <module name> <id>

  • Edit <training-name>/<id>_<module-name>/modul_<module-name>_<id>.yml to your needs. This file is required to build the training.

  • Add your training content

    • All images need to be in a subdirectory of <training-name>/<id>_<module-name>/, e.g. <training-name>/<id>_<module-name>/, otherwise they will not be displayed when built

    • Make sure to only use non-copyrighted materials

  • Check if your training looks like you wish.

    cd <training-name>/<id>_<module-name>/


  • Add the files to the git repository and push it. After a few minutes, the new training should be available at