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Script Exporter


Prometheus exporter written to execute and collect metrics on script exit status and duration. Designed to allow the execution of probes where support for the probe type wasn't easily configured with the Prometheus blackbox exporter.

Minimum supported Go Version: 1.13.1

Sample Configuration

  - name: success
    script: sleep 5

  - name: failure
    script: sleep 2 && exit 1

  - name: timeout
    script: sleep 5
    timeout: 1


You can run via docker with:

docker run -d -p 9172:9172 --name script-exporter \
  -v `pwd`/script-exporter.yml:/etc/script-exporter/config.yml:ro \
  adhocteam/script-exporter:master \
  -config.file=/etc/script-exporter/config.yml \
  -web.listen-address=":9172" \
  -web.telemetry-path="/metrics" \"/bin/sh"

You'll need to customize the docker image or use the binary on the host system to install tools such as curl for certain scenarios.


To return the script exporter internal metrics exposed by the default Prometheus handler:

$ curl http://localhost:9172/metrics

To execute a script, use the name parameter to the /probe endpoint:

$ curl http://localhost:9172/probe?name=failure

script_duration_seconds{script="failure"} 2.008337
script_success{script="failure"} 0

A regular expression may be specified with the pattern paremeter:

$ curl http://localhost:9172/probe?pattern=.*

script_duration_seconds{script="timeout"} 1.005727
script_success{script="timeout"} 0
script_duration_seconds{script="failure"} 2.015021
script_success{script="failure"} 0
script_duration_seconds{script="success"} 5.013670
script_success{script="success"} 1


YMMV if you're attempting to execute a large number of scripts, and you'd be better off creating an exporter that can handle your protocol without launching shell processes for each scrape.

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