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This git repository contains a maven project which provides all the code and Byteman rule scripts used for the advanced tutorial for BMUnit, the package which integrates Byteman into JUnit and TestNG. It provides a small application which employs a process dataflow pipeline to execute a sequence of transformations on a stream of text bytes in parallel.

The basic tests in the project show how you can use BMUnit to trace and validate the data flowing through the private streams which link each of the processes (threads) in the pipeline.

More complex tests engineer faults which exercise the fault handling capabilities of the application. These tests inject errors into a specific stage of the processing pipeline. This is used to verify that the threads in the pipeline recursively propagate the error up the stream to ensure that upstream threads terminate. It also checks that they close downstream links so that downstream threads also terminate.

The final part of the tutorial shows you how to use Byteman to control and order operations occuring in different threads forcing either to enter or avoid certain timing windows. This makes it possible to confirm that the library under test is susceptible to certain types of timing bugs.

A full explanation of how the application and tests operate with instructions on how to run both is provided in the tutorial at