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Compito is a simple and easy to use project management application with support for Multiple orgs.


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Compito - Tasks Done Right ✔️

A simple and user friendly project management application with support for multiple Orgs and RBAC

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Compito Project Management

Compito is a simple and easy to use project management application with support for Multiple orgs. Each org can have multiple projects in it. Users can be then given access to the org or the project by assigning them different roles.

Each project can have multiple boards to manages different parts of the project. Making it easy to maintain.

Home Page

The home page gives you an overview of the tasks, and projects the user has access to. The user can see tasks that were recently created and the high priority tasks as well.

There are quick links to get to projects and boards from the home page.

Compito Project Management

Boards Page

With a simple Kanban board, you can easily track your tasks and assign it to different users within the project. You can create new tasks with ease. Cards can be dragged and dropped as you progress.

Compito Project Board

Add attachments to task

Attachment can be added to task by just dragging and dropping in to the modal.

Add attachments

Orgs Page

User can be part of multiple orgs. User can view all the orgs he/she is part of. The user can only access the data of an org. When the user logs in, If they are part of multiple orgs, they will be asked to select an org to log in to.

Compito Project Orgs

Users Page

List the members in the org/project based on the role. Admin users can invite new users to the org. The list of pending user invites are also shown in the users page.

Compito Project Users

Projects Page

Shows the list of projects in the org the user have access to. Clicking on the project would take you to the detail page where the boards, and members within the project can be seen. Users with admin access will be able to update the project details and add/remove members to/from the project.

Compito Project Projects

Role Hierarchy

Users are assigned Admin role when they signup to the application. While inviting other users to the org, a role can be specified. The role will be deciding the level of access that particular user have.

Role hierarchy

Built With

Tech Stack

Bundle Size

The bundle size is pretty slim for the kind of application we have. You can also see that the styles css is around ~50KB thanks to Tailwind


Lighthouse Score

The scores are pretty good too with a lot of room for improvements.


Getting Started

To get a local copy up and running follow these simple steps.


  1. Clone the repo

    git clone
  2. Install NPM packages

    npm install
  3. Run the docker-compose script to initialize the local db

    sudo docker-compose up -d
  4. Configure the environment variables

    # for dev env
    # secret used to encode the session token in Auth Action
  5. Run the UI

    npm start
  6. Run the API server

    npm start api

Setting up Auth0

Auth0 is used for authenticating the users. You'll need to setup few things in Auth0 before running the application.

  1. Login/Signup to Auth0

  2. Create two applications:

    • A Single Page application
    • A Machine to Machine application
  3. In the Single page application make sure to provide the urls:

    • Allowed Callback URLs

    • Allowed Web Origins

    • Allowed Logout URLs

  4. Create an API in Auth0

  5. The identifier that of the API will be the audience

  6. Under the Machine to Machine Applications tab, make sure our M-M application is enabled.

  7. Under Authentication > Database, make sure in the Applications tab, both the Application has been enabled.


Read more about this project and how to setup here:


See the open issues for a list of proposed features (and known issues).


Distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more information.

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Compito is a simple and easy to use project management application with support for Multiple orgs.