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MDResume - Simple Markdown Resume

Create PDF and HTML versions of resume by authoring in Markdown.

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MD Resume

Write your resume in markdown and easily get the PDF and HTML. Keep your resumes up to date with ease. Write your resume one time and just update as and when needed. Don't go through the hassle of creating a resume every time.


MD Resume

✅ Super simple to use.

✅ Markdown is a really great way to store content. It works well for resumes as well. We can write it once and then update it whenever without having to mess with positioning or online tools.

Download as PDF. Once you are happy with the results, hit the Print button to create a PDF of the resume.

Download as HTML. You can download the resume as a single HTML file with inlined styles. Just push to any web server and now you have a responsive resume hosted on the internet.

Under the hood

🔸 The main application is written in TypeScript without using any frameworks. Vite takes care of bundling.

🔸 You can see React mentioned in the stack as its used for the templates used for rendering the resumes.

🔸 Markdown is parsed to extract different meta data like education, skills, work experience etc. A JSON object will be the final output after parsing the markdown.

🔸 All the parsing is done inside a Web Worker.

🔸 This JSON object is received as prop in the theme, which is a React component. Then the react template is compiled to static markup using the renderToStaticMarkup from react-dom/server package.

🔸 Once the rendering is complete, the compiled HTML is received which is then attached to the DOM.


The idea of the project is to support multiple themes will can be authored in React. Users can then select the theme and build the resume using it.

Styling should be done using TailwindCSS. All the classes used in the themes will be extracted into a CSS file which is later used.

The styles for the selected theme is fetched and then attached to the head in the Runtime.

Running Locally

  1. Clone or download the repository
git clone
  1. Install the dependencies
npm i
  1. Build theme styles
npm run build:themes
  1. Run the local dev server
npm run dev


See the open issues for a list of proposed features (and known issues).


Distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more information.

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