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Topic Modeling in Embedding Spaces
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This is code that accompanies the paper titled "Topic Modeling in Embedding Spaces" by Adji B. Dieng, Francisco J. R. Ruiz, and David M. Blei. (Arxiv link:

ETM defines words and topics in the same embedding space. The likelihood of a word under ETM is a Categorical whose natural parameter is given by the dot product between the word embedding and its assigned topic's embedding. ETM is a document model that learns interpretable topics and word embeddings and is robust to large vocabularies that include rare words and stop words.


  • python 3.6.7
  • pytorch 1.1.0

To Run

To learn interpretable embeddings and topics using ETM on the 20NewsGroup dataset, run

python --mode train --dataset 20ng --data_path data/20ng --num_topics 50 --train_embeddings 1 --epochs 1000

To evaluate perplexity on document completion, topic coherence, topic diversity, and visualize the topics/embeddings run

python --mode eval --dataset 20ng --data_path data/20ng --num_topics 50 --train_embeddings 1 --tc 1 --td 1 --load_from CKPT_PATH

To learn interpretable topics using ETM with pre-fitted word embeddings (called Labelled-ETM in the paper) on the 20NewsGroup dataset:

  • first fit the word embeddings. For example to use simple skipgram you can run
python --data_file PATH_TO_DATA --emb_file PATH_TO_EMBEDDINGS --dim_rho 300 --iters 50 --window_size 4 
  • then run the following
python --mode train --dataset 20ng --data_path data/20ng --emb_path PATH_TO_EMBEDDINGS --num_topics 50 --train_embeddings 0 --epochs 1000


  title={Topic modeling in embedding spaces},
  author={Dieng, Adji B and Ruiz, Francisco J R and Blei, David M},
  journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:1907.04907},
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