Small wrapper for SKStoreProductViewController that handles tracking links.
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Small wrapper for SKStoreProductViewController that handles tracking links.


Apple's SKStoreProductViewController doesn't allow the use of tracking links. This wrapper offers the convenient user experience of the new In-App App Store view while opening your tracking link in the background including all redirects.


Download or clone this repo and add the AEProductController subdirectory into your Xcode project by dragging it into the Project Navigator.

Open the source file of your view controller that should present the SKStoreProductViewController and add the following line at the top of the file:

#import "AEProductController.h"

In the private interface of your class add the following property:

@property (nonatomic) AEProductController *productController;

In the method that should trigger the presentation of the SKStoreProductViewController add the following lines:

self.productController = [AEProductController controllerWithProductId:@"<appId>" callbackUrl:@"<url>"];
[self.productController showInViewController:self];

Replace the placeholders <appId> and <url> with your appId and your affiliate link. This appId is part of the iTunes URL: If this was your app, then your appId would be 315215396.

This presents the SKStoreProductViewController and calls the affiliate link including all redirects in the background.