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ADMB Project
*Released December 11, 2015*  


The ADMB (Automatic Differentiation Model Builder) software suite is an
environment for nonlinear statistical modeling enabling rapid model
development, numerical stability, fast and efficient computation, and high
accuracy parameter estimates. AD Model Builder is a high level language built
around the AUTODIF Library, a C++ language extension which transparently
implements reverse mode automatic differentiation. A closely related software
package, ADMB-RE, implements random effects in nonlinear models.

ADMB is an open source project.  Read the AD Model Builder [LICENSE](LICENSE.html).

ADMB is freely available for download. If you would like to contribute or donate funds,
please contact <>.

Cool ADMB T-shirts are also available for purchase.

ADMB Citation
    Fournier, D.A., H.J. Skaug, J. Ancheta, J. Ianelli, A. Magnusson, M.N. Maunder,
    A. Nielsen, and J. Sibert. 2012. AD Model Builder: using automatic
    differentiation for statistical inference of highly parameterized complex
    nonlinear models. Optim. Methods Softw. 27:233-249.

The abstract and publication can be freely [downloaded][publisher_link] from the publisher.


Read release notes for changes and features in [CHANGES][CHANGES_link].

Read the installation procedures in [INSTALL][INSTALL_link] for Unix and Windows computers.

User manuals for AD Model Builder, the AUTODIF library and the ADMB-RE nonlinear
random effects module are in the [ADMB downloads][ADMB_downloads_link].


Additional documentation is also available on the [ADMB website][ADMB_link].


Help and Support
For help and support, email <>.

Mailing list archives

+ [Users][ADMB_users] is the general mailing list.
+ [Developers][ADMB_developers] is core team mailing list.


The ADMB software was originally developed by David Fournier of Otter Research Ltd.

Thanks to the following who have contributed to the ADMB Project by
providing fixes and/or suggestions:

* David Fournier
* John Sibert
* Bill Clark
* Hans Skaug
* Mark Maunder
* Anders Nielsen
* Arni Magnusson
* Ian Taylor
* Chris Grandin
* Derek Seiple
* Jan Jaap Poos
* Gareth Williams
* Weihai Liu
* Barak A. Pearlmutter
* Jon Schnute
* Jiashen Tang
* William Stockhausen - NOAA
* Allan Hicks
* Johnoel Ancheta

For help and support, email <>.