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Digistump library with german keyboard layout support
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digistump-avr * add german keyboard layout Sep 2, 2017
digistump-sam Switch to Arduino-compliant EEPROM library Jun 4, 2016
tools fix executables, add proper 64 bit version of launcher Feb 13, 2016 * add german keyboard layout Sep 2, 2017

DigistumpArduino - Germanized Keyboard Library

This fork adds only a single file to enable DigiKeyboard usage for keyboards with german layout

//This the important part, include the De suffixed version instead of the normal one and the rest goes same as the original lib.
#include "DigiKeyboardDe.h"

void setup() {
  // don't need to set anything up to use DigiKeyboard

void loop() {
  // this is generally not necessary but with some older systems it seems to
  // prevent missing the first character after a delay:
  DigiKeyboardDe.println("Hello XYZ !\"§$%&/()=? [] {}!");
  // It's better to use DigiKeyboard.delay() over the regular Arduino delay()
  // if doing keyboard stuff because it keeps talking to the computer to make
  // sure the computer knows the keyboard is alive and connected
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