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.notdef .notdef
NULL NULL uni0000
CR CR uni000D
space space
a a
b b
c c
d d
e e
f f
g g
h h
i i
j j
k k
l l
m m
n n
o o
p p
q q
r r
s s
t t
u u
v v
w w
x x
y y
z z
Agrave Agrave
Aacute Aacute
Acircumflex Acircumflex
Atilde Atilde
Adieresis Adieresis
Amacron Amacron
Abreve Abreve
Aring Aring
uni01CD Acaron
uni1EA0 Adotbelow
uni1EA2 Ahook
uni1EA4 Acircumflexacute
uni1EA6 Acircumflexgrave
uni1EA8 Acircumflexhook
uni1EAA Acircumflextilde
uni1EAC Acircumflexdotbelow
uni1EAE Abreveacute
uni1EB0 Abrevegrave
uni1EB2 Abrevehook
uni1EB4 Abrevetilde
uni1EB6 Abrevedotbelow
Aogonek Aogonek
uni0243 Bstroke
Ccedilla Ccedilla
Cacute Cacute
Ccircumflex Ccircumflex
Ccaron Ccaron
Cdotaccent Cdotaccent
Dcaron Dcaron
uni1E0C Ddotbelow
uni1E0E Dlinebelow
Dcroat Dcroat
Egrave Egrave
Eacute Eacute
Ecircumflex Ecircumflex
Ecaron Ecaron
Edieresis Edieresis
Emacron Emacron
Ebreve Ebreve
Edotaccent Edotaccent
uni1EB8 Edotbelow
uni1EBA Ehook
uni1EBC Etilde
uni1EBE Ecircumflexacute
uni1EC0 Ecircumflexgrave
uni1EC2 Ecircumflexhook
uni1EC4 Ecircumflextilde
uni1EC6 Ecircumflexdotbelow
Eogonek Eogonek
Gcircumflex Gcircumflex
Gbreve Gbreve
Gdotaccent Gdotaccent
uni0122 Gcommaaccent
Gcaron Gcaron
uni1E20 Gmacron
uni00470303 Gtilde
Hcircumflex Hcircumflex
uni1E24 Hdotbelow
uni1E2A Hbrevebelow
Hbar Hbar
Igrave Igrave
Iacute Iacute
Icircumflex Icircumflex
Itilde Itilde
Idieresis Idieresis
Imacron Imacron
uni012C Ibreve
Idotaccent Idotaccent
uni01CF Icaron
uni1EC8 Ihook
uni1ECA Idotbelow
Iogonek Iogonek
Jcircumflex Jcircumflex
uni0136 Kcommaaccent
Lacute Lacute
Lcaron Lcaron
uni013B Lcommaaccent
Ldot Ldot
uni1E36 Ldotbelow
uni1E38 Ldotbelowmacron
uni1E3A Llinebelow
Lslash Lslash
uni1E42 Mdotbelow
Nacute Nacute
Ncaron Ncaron
Ntilde Ntilde
uni0145 Ncommaaccent
uni1E44 Ndotaccent
uni1E46 Ndotbelow
uni1E48 Nlinebelow
Ograve Ograve
Oacute Oacute
Ocircumflex Ocircumflex
Otilde Otilde
Odieresis Odieresis
Omacron Omacron
uni014E Obreve
Ohungarumlaut Ohungarumlaut
uni01D1 Ocaron
uni1ECC Odotbelow
uni1ECE Ohook
uni1ED0 Ocircumflexacute
uni1ED2 Ocircumflexgrave
uni1ED4 Ocircumflexhook
uni1ED6 Ocircumflextilde
uni1ED8 Ocircumflexdotbelow
Oslash Oslash
Ohorn Ohorn
uni1EDA Ohornacute
uni1EDC Ohorngrave
uni1EDE Ohornhook
uni1EE0 Ohorntilde
uni1EE2 Ohorndotbelow
uni01EA Oogonek
Racute Racute
Rcaron Rcaron
uni0156 Rcommaaccent
uni1E5A Rdotbelow
uni1E5C Rdotbelowmacron
uni1E5E Rlinebelow
Sacute Sacute
Scircumflex Scircumflex
Scaron Scaron
uni015E Scedilla
uni0218 Scommaaccent
uni1E60 Sdotaccent
uni1E62 Sdotbelow
uni1E9E Germandbls
Tcaron Tcaron
uni0162 Tcedilla
uni021A Tcommaaccent
uni1E6C Tdotbelow
uni1E6E Tlinebelow
Ugrave Ugrave
Uacute Uacute
Ucircumflex Ucircumflex
Utilde Utilde
Udieresis Udieresis
Umacron Umacron
Ubreve Ubreve
Uring Uring
Uhungarumlaut Uhungarumlaut
uni01D3 Ucaron
uni01D5 Udieresismacron
uni01D7 Udieresisacute
uni01D9 Udieresiscaron
uni01DB Udieresisgrave
uni1EE4 Udotbelow
uni1EE6 Uhook
Uogonek Uogonek
Uhorn Uhorn
uni1EE8 Uhornacute
uni1EEA Uhorngrave
uni1EEC Uhornhook
uni1EEE Uhorntilde
uni1EF0 Uhorndotbelow
Wgrave Wgrave
Wacute Wacute
Wcircumflex Wcircumflex
Wdieresis Wdieresis
Ygrave Ygrave
Yacute Yacute
Ycircumflex Ycircumflex
Ydieresis Ydieresis
uni1E8E Ydotaccent
uni1EF4 Ydotbelow
uni1EF6 Yhookabove
uni1EF8 Ytilde
Zacute Zacute
Zcaron Zcaron
Zdotaccent Zdotaccent
uni1E92 Zdotbelow
Eth Eth
Thorn Thorn
uni018F Schwa
agrave agrave
aacute aacute
acircumflex acircumflex
atilde atilde
adieresis adieresis
amacron amacron
abreve abreve
aring aring
uni01CE acaron
uni1EA1 adotbelow
uni1EA3 ahook
uni1EA5 acircumflexacute
uni1EA7 acircumflexgrave
uni1EA9 acircumflexhook
uni1EAB acircumflextilde
uni1EAD acircumflexdotbelow
uni1EAF abreveacute
uni1EB1 abrevegrave
uni1EB3 abrevehook
uni1EB5 abrevetilde
uni1EB7 abrevedotbelow
aogonek aogonek
ae ae
uni0180 bstroke
ccedilla ccedilla
cacute cacute
ccircumflex ccircumflex
ccaron ccaron
cdotaccent cdotaccent
dcaron dcaron
uni1E0D ddotbelow
uni1E0F dlinebelow
dcroat dcroat
egrave egrave
eacute eacute
ecircumflex ecircumflex
ecaron ecaron
edieresis edieresis
emacron emacron
ebreve ebreve
edotaccent edotaccent
uni1EB9 edotbelow
uni1EBB ehook
uni1EBD etilde
uni1EBF ecircumflexacute
uni1EC1 ecircumflexgrave
uni1EC3 ecircumflexhook
uni1EC5 ecircumflextilde
uni1EC7 ecircumflexdotbelow
eogonek eogonek
gcircumflex gcircumflex
gbreve gbreve
gdotaccent gdotaccent
uni0123 gcommaaccent
gcaron gcaron
uni1E21 gmacron
uni00670303 gtilde
hcircumflex hcircumflex
uni1E25 hdotbelow
uni1E2B hbrevebelow
hbar hbar
igrave igrave
iacute iacute
icircumflex icircumflex
itilde itilde
idieresis idieresis
imacron imacron
uni012D ibreve
uni01D0 icaron
uni1EC9 ihook
uni1ECB idotbelow
iogonek iogonek
iogonek.d iogonek.d
dotlessi dotlessi
jcircumflex jcircumflex
uni0137 kcommaaccent
kgreenlandic kgreenlandic
lacute lacute
lcaron lcaron
ldot ldot
uni013C lcommaaccent
uni1E37 ldotbelow
uni1E39 ldotbelowmacron
uni1E3B llinebelow
lslash lslash
uni1E43 mdotbelow
nacute nacute
ncaron ncaron
ntilde ntilde
uni0146 ncommaaccent
uni1E45 ndotaccent
uni1E47 ndotbelow
uni1E49 nlinebelow
napostrophe napostrophe
ograve ograve
oacute oacute
ocircumflex ocircumflex
otilde otilde
odieresis odieresis
omacron omacron
uni014F obreve
ohungarumlaut ohungarumlaut
uni01D2 ocaron
uni1ECD odotbelow
uni1ECF ohook
uni1ED1 ocircumflexacute
uni1ED3 ocircumflexgrave
uni1ED5 ocircumflexhook
uni1ED7 ocircumflextilde
uni1ED9 ocircumflexdotbelow
oslash oslash
oe oe
ohorn ohorn
uni1EDB ohornacute
uni1EDD ohorngrave
uni1EDF ohornhook
uni1EE1 ohorntilde
uni1EE3 ohorndotbelow
uni01EB oogonek
racute racute
uni0157 rcommaaccent
rcaron rcaron
uni1E5B rdotbelow
uni1E5D rdotbelowmacron
uni1E5F rlinebelow
sacute sacute
scircumflex scircumflex
scaron scaron
uni015F scedilla
uni0219 scommaaccent
uni1E61 sdotaccent
uni1E63 sdotbelow
germandbls germandbls
tcaron tcaron
uni0163 tcedilla
uni021B tcommaaccent
uni1E6D tdotbelow
uni1E6F tlinebelow
uni1E97 tdieresis
ugrave ugrave
uacute uacute
ucircumflex ucircumflex
utilde utilde
udieresis udieresis
umacron umacron
ubreve ubreve
uring uring
uhungarumlaut uhungarumlaut
uni01D4 ucaron
uni01D6 udieresismacron
uni01D8 udieresisacute
uni01DA udieresiscaron
uni01DC udieresisgrave
uni1EE5 udotbelow
uni1EE7 uhook
uogonek uogonek
uhorn uhorn
uni1EE9 uhornacute
uni1EEB uhorngrave
uni1EED uhornhook
uni1EEF uhorntilde
uni1EF1 uhorndotbelow
wgrave wgrave
wacute wacute
wcircumflex wcircumflex
wdieresis wdieresis
ygrave ygrave
yacute yacute
ycircumflex ycircumflex
ydieresis ydieresis
uni1E8F ydotaccent
uni1EF5 ydotbelow
uni1EF7 yhookabove
uni1EF9 ytilde
zacute zacute
zcaron zcaron
zdotaccent zdotaccent
uni1E93 zdotbelow
eth eth
thorn thorn
uni0237 dotlessj
uni0250 aturned
uni0251 ascript
uni0252 alphalatinturned
uni0254 oopen
uni0258 ereversed
uni0259 schwa
uni0261 gscript
uni0265 hturned
uni026F mturned
uni0279 rturned
uni0287 tturned
uni028C vturned
uni028D wturned
uni028E yturned
uni029E kturned
fi fi uniFB01
fl fl uniFB02
a.a a.alt
agrave.a agrave.alt
aacute.a aacute.alt
acircumflex.a acircumflex.alt
atilde.a atilde.alt
adieresis.a adieresis.alt
amacron.a amacron.alt
abreve.a abreve.alt
aring.a aring.alt
uni01CE.a acaron.alt
uni1EA1.a adotbelow.alt
uni1EA3.a ahook.alt
uni1EA5.a acircumflexacute.alt
uni1EA7.a acircumflexgrave.alt
uni1EA9.a acircumflexhook.alt
uni1EAB.a acircumflextilde.alt
uni1EAD.a acircumflexdotbelow.alt
uni1EAF.a abreveacute.alt
uni1EB1.a abrevegrave.alt
uni1EB3.a abrevehook.alt
uni1EB5.a abrevetilde.alt
uni1EB7.a abrevedotbelow.alt
aogonek.a aogonek.alt
g.a g.alt
gcircumflex.a gcircumflex.alt
gbreve.a gbreve.alt
gdotaccent.a gdotaccent.alt
uni0123.a gcommaaccent.alt
gcaron.a gcaron.alt
uni1E21.a gmacron.alt
uni00670303.a gtilde.alt
ampersand ampersand
zero zero
one one
two two
three three
four four
five five
six six
seven seven
eight eight
nine nine
zero.onum zero.onum
one.onum one.onum
two.onum two.onum
three.onum three.onum
four.onum four.onum
five.onum five.onum
six.onum six.onum
seven.onum seven.onum
eight.onum eight.onum
nine.onum nine.onum
period period
comma comma
colon colon
semicolon semicolon
ellipsis ellipsis
exclam exclam
exclamdown exclamdown
question question
questiondown questiondown
quotesingle quotesingle
quotedbl quotedbl
quoteleft quoteleft
quoteright quoteright
quotedblleft quotedblleft
quotedblright quotedblright
quotesinglbase quotesinglbase
quotedblbase quotedblbase
guilsinglleft guilsinglleft
guilsinglright guilsinglright
guillemotleft guillemotleft
guillemotright guillemotright
hyphen hyphen
uni00AD sfthyphen
endash endash
emdash emdash
figuredash figuredash
uni2015 horizontalbar
periodcentered periodcentered
bullet bullet
underscore underscore
parenleft parenleft
parenright parenright
bracketleft bracketleft
bracketright bracketright
braceleft braceleft
braceright braceright
slash slash
bar bar
backslash backslash
brokenbar brokenbar
asterisk asterisk
dagger dagger
daggerdbl daggerdbl
section section
paragraph paragraph
copyright copyright
uni2117 soundcopyright
registered registered
trademark trademark
uni2120 servicemark
at at
numbersign numbersign
asterisk.a asterisk.a
hyphen.a hyphen.a
uni00AD.a sfthyphen.a
dollar.a dollar.a
zero.sups zero.sups uni2070
one.sups one.sups uni00B9
two.sups two.sups uni00B2
three.sups three.sups uni00B3
four.sups four.sups uni2074
five.sups five.sups uni2075
six.sups six.sups uni2076
seven.sups seven.sups uni2077
eight.sups eight.sups uni2078
nine.sups nine.sups uni2079
parenleft.sups parenleft.sups uni207D
parenright.sups parenright.sups uni207E
period.sups period.sups
comma.sups comma.sups
zero.subs zero.subs uni2080
one.subs one.subs uni2081
two.subs two.subs uni2082
three.subs three.subs uni2083
four.subs four.subs uni2084
five.subs five.subs uni2085
six.subs six.subs uni2086
seven.subs seven.subs uni2087
eight.subs eight.subs uni2088
nine.subs nine.subs uni2089
parenleft.subs parenleft.subs uni208D
parenright.subs parenright.subs uni208E
period.subs period.subs
comma.subs comma.subs
zero.dnom zero.dnom
one.dnom one.dnom
two.dnom two.dnom
three.dnom three.dnom
four.dnom four.dnom
five.dnom five.dnom
six.dnom six.dnom
seven.dnom seven.dnom
eight.dnom eight.dnom
nine.dnom nine.dnom
parenleft.dnom parenleft.dnom
parenright.dnom parenright.dnom
period.dnom period.dnom
comma.dnom comma.dnom
zero.numr zero.numr
one.numr one.numr
two.numr two.numr
three.numr three.numr
four.numr four.numr
five.numr five.numr
six.numr six.numr
seven.numr seven.numr
eight.numr eight.numr
nine.numr nine.numr
parenleft.numr parenleft.numr
parenright.numr parenright.numr
period.numr period.numr
comma.numr comma.numr
ordfeminine ordfeminine
ordfeminine.a ordfeminine.alt
ordmasculine ordmasculine
a.sups a.sups uni1D43
b.sups b.sups uni1D47
c.sups c.sups uni1D9C
d.sups d.sups uni1D48
e.sups e.sups uni1D49
f.sups f.sups uni1DA0
g.sups g.sups uni1D4D
h.sups h.sups uni02B0
i.sups i.sups uni2071
j.sups j.sups uni02B2
k.sups k.sups uni1D4F
l.sups l.sups uni02E1
m.sups m.sups uni1D50
n.sups n.sups uni207F
o.sups o.sups uni1D52
p.sups p.sups uni1D56
q.sups q.sups
r.sups r.sups uni02B3
s.sups s.sups uni02E2
t.sups t.sups uni1D57
u.sups u.sups uni1D58
v.sups v.sups uni1D5B
w.sups w.sups uni02B7
x.sups x.sups uni02E3
y.sups y.sups uni02B8
z.sups z.sups uni1DBB
egrave.sups egrave.sups
eacute.sups eacute.sups
uni0259.sups schwa.sups uni2094
a.supa a.supa
g.supa g.supa
degree degree
currency currency
dollar dollar
sterling sterling
yen yen
Euro Euro
cent cent
uni0192 florin
colonmonetary colonmonetary
lira lira
uni20A6 naira
peseta peseta
dong dong
uni20B1 peso
uni20B2 guarani
uni20B5 cedi
uni20B9 rupeeindian
uni20BA liraturkish
fraction fraction
uni2215 divisionslash
slash.frac slash.frac
percent percent
perthousand perthousand
onequarter onequarter
onehalf onehalf
threequarters threequarters
onethird onethird
twothirds twothirds
oneeighth oneeighth
threeeighths threeeighths
fiveeighths fiveeighths
seveneighths seveneighths
plus plus
minus minus
multiply multiply
divide divide
uni2219 bulletoperator
equal equal
less less
greater greater
lessequal lessequal
greaterequal greaterequal
plusminus plusminus
asciicircum asciicircum
notequal notequal
asciitilde asciitilde
approxequal approxequal
logicalnot logicalnot
pi pi
infinity infinity
uni00B5 mu.math
partialdiff partialdiff
integral integral
radical radical
uni2206 Delta.math
uni2126 Omega.math
summation summation
product product
uni2113 litre
estimated estimated
uni2190 arrowleft
arrowup arrowup
uni2192 arrowright
arrowdown arrowdown
uni25A0 squareblack
uni25C6 diamondblack
uni25C9 fisheye
uni2752 squareshadow
triagup triangleblackup
uni25B3 trianglewhiteup
uni25B6 triangleblackright
uni25B7 trianglewhiteright
triagdn triangleblackdown
uni25BD trianglewhitedown
uni25C0 triangleblackleft
uni25C1 trianglewhiteleft
uni2610 checkbox
uni2611 checkedbox
uni2713 check
uni266A eighthnote
lozenge lozenge
uni2032 prime
uni2033 dblprime
uni02BB commaturnedmod
uni02BC apostrophemod
uni02BE ringhalfrightmod
uni02BF ringhalfleftmod
grave grave
acute acute
circumflex circumflex
caron caron
uni02C8 verticallinemod
uni02C9 macronmod
uni02CA acutemod
uni02CB gravemod
uni02CC verticallinelowmod
tilde tilde
dieresis dieresis
macron macron
breve breve
ring ring
hungarumlaut hungarumlaut
dotaccent dotaccent
cedilla cedilla
ogonek ogonek
uni0300 gravecmb
uni0300.cap gravecmb.cap
uni0301 acutecmb
uni0301.cap acutecmb.cap
uni0302 circumflexcmb
uni0302.cap circumflexcmb.cap
uni0303 tildecmb
uni0303.cap tildecmb.cap
uni0304 macroncmb
uni0304.cap macroncmb.cap
uni0306 brevecmb
uni0306.cap brevecmb.cap
uni0307 dotaccentcmb
uni0307.cap dotaccentcmb.cap
uni0308 dieresiscmb
uni0308.cap dieresiscmb.cap
uni0309 hookabovecmb
uni0309.cap hookabovecmb.cap
uni030A ringcmb
uni030A.cap ringcmb.cap
uni030B hungarumlautcmb
uni030B.cap hungarumlautcmb.cap
uni030C caroncmb
uni030C.cap caroncmb.cap
uni030F dblgravecmb
uni030F.cap dblgravecmb.cap
uni0312 commaturnedabovecmb
uni0313 commaabovecmb
uni031B horncmb
uni0323 dotbelowcmb
uni0324 dieresisbelowcmb
uni0326 commabelowcmb
uni0327 cedillacmb
uni0327.cap cedillacmb.cap
uni0328 ogonekcmb
uni0328.cap ogonekcmb.cap
uni032E brevebelowcmb
uni0331 macronbelowcmb
uni03080304 dieresismacron
uni03080304.cap dieresismacron.cap
uni03080301 dieresisacute
uni03080301.cap dieresisacute.cap
uni0308030C dieresiscaron
uni0308030C.cap dieresiscaron.cap
uni03080300 dieresisgrave
uni03080300.cap dieresisgrave.cap
uni03020301 circumflexacute
uni03020301.cap circumflexacute.cap
uni03020300 circumflexgrave
uni03020300.cap circumflexgrave.cap
uni03020309 circumflexhook
uni03020309.cap circumflexhook.cap
uni03020303 circumflextilde
uni03020303.cap circumflextilde.cap
uni03060301 breveacute
uni03060301.cap breveacute.cap
uni03060300 brevegrave
uni03060300.cap brevegrave.cap
uni03060309 brevehook
uni03060309.cap brevehook.cap
uni03060303 brevetilde
uni03060303.cap brevetilde.cap
uni03020306 circumflexbreve
uni03020306.cap circumflexbreve.cap
uni030C.a caron.alt
uni0326.a commabelowcmb.alt
uni00A0 nbspace
uni2007 figurespace
space.frac space.frac
nbspace.frac nbspace.frac
uni2500 lighthorzbxd
uni2501 heavyhorzbxd
uni2502 lightvertbxd
uni2503 heavyvertbxd
uni2504 lighttrpldashhorzbxd
uni2505 heavytrpldashhorzbxd
uni2506 lighttrpldashvertbxd
uni2507 heavytrpldashvertbxd
uni2508 lightquaddashhorzbxd
uni2509 heavyquaddashhorzbxd
uni250A lightquaddashvertbxd
uni250B heavyquaddashvertbxd
uni250C lightdnrightbxd
uni250D dnlightrightheavybxd
uni250E dnheavyrightlightbxd
uni250F heavydnrightbxd
uni2510 lightdnleftbxd
uni2511 dnlightleftheavybxd
uni2512 dnheavyleftlightbxd
uni2513 heavydnleftbxd
uni2514 lightuprightbxd
uni2515 uplightrightheavybxd
uni2516 upheavyrightlightbxd
uni2517 heavyuprightbxd
uni2518 lightupleftbxd
uni2519 uplightleftheavybxd
uni251A upheavyleftlightbxd
uni251B heavyupleftbxd
uni251C lightvertrightbxd
uni251D vertlightrightheavybxd
uni251E upheavyrightdnlightbxd
uni251F dnheavyrightuplightbxd
uni2520 vertheavyrightlightbxd
uni2521 dnlightrightupheavybxd
uni2522 uplightrightdnheavybxd
uni2523 heavyvertrightbxd
uni2524 lightvertleftbxd
uni2525 vertlightleftheavybxd
uni2526 upheavyleftdnlightbxd
uni2527 dnheavyleftuplightbxd
uni2528 vertheavyleftlightbxd
uni2529 dnlightleftupheavybxd
uni252A uplightleftdnheavybxd
uni252B heavyvertleftbxd
uni252C lightdnhorzbxd
uni252D leftheavyrightdnlightbxd
uni252E rightheavyleftdnlightbxd
uni252F dnlighthorzheavybxd
uni2530 dnheavyhorzlightbxd
uni2531 rightlightleftdnheavybxd
uni2532 leftlightrightdnheavybxd
uni2533 heavydnhorzbxd
uni2534 lightuphorzbxd
uni2535 leftheavyrightuplightbxd
uni2536 rightheavyleftuplightbxd
uni2537 uplighthorzheavybxd
uni2538 upheavyhorzlightbxd
uni2539 rightlightleftupheavybxd
uni253A leftlightrightupheavybxd
uni253B heavyuphorzbxd
uni253C lightverthorzbxd
uni253D leftheavyrightvertlightbxd
uni253E rightheavyleftvertlightbxd
uni253F vertlighthorzheavybxd
uni2540 upheavydnhorzlightbxd
uni2541 dnheavyuphorzlightbxd
uni2542 vertheavyhorzlightbxd
uni2543 leftupheavyrightdnlightbxd
uni2544 rightupheavyleftdnlightbxd
uni2545 leftdnheavyrightuplightbxd
uni2546 rightdnheavyleftuplightbxd
uni2547 dnlightuphorzheavybxd
uni2548 uplightdnhorzheavybxd
uni2549 rightlightleftvertheavybxd
uni254A leftlightrightvertheavybxd
uni254B heavyverthorzbxd
uni254C lightdbldashhorzbxd
uni254D heavydbldashhorzbxd
uni254E lightdbldashvertbxd
uni254F heavydbldashvertbxd
uni2550 dblhorzbxd
uni2551 dblvertbxd
uni2552 dnsngrightdblbxd
uni2553 dndblrightsngbxd
uni2554 dbldnrightbxd
uni2555 dnsngleftdblbxd
uni2556 dndblleftsngbxd
uni2557 dbldnleftbxd
uni2558 upsngrightdblbxd
uni2559 updblrightsngbxd
uni255A dbluprightbxd
uni255B upsngleftdblbxd
uni255C updblleftsngbxd
uni255D dblupleftbxd
uni255E vertsngrightdblbxd
uni255F vertdblrightsngbxd
uni2560 dblvertrightbxd
uni2561 vertsngleftdblbxd
uni2562 vertdblleftsngbxd
uni2563 dblvertleftbxd
uni2564 dnsnghorzdblbxd
uni2565 dndblhorzsngbxd
uni2566 dbldnhorzbxd
uni2567 upsnghorzdblbxd
uni2568 updblhorzsngbxd
uni2569 dbluphorzbxd
uni256A vertsnghorzdblbxd
uni256B vertdblhorzsngbxd
uni256C dblverthorzbxd
uni256D lightarcdnrightbxd
uni256E lightarcdnleftbxd
uni256F lightarcupleftbxd
uni2570 lightarcuprightbxd
uni2571 lightdiaguprightdnleftbxd
uni2572 lightdiagupleftdnrightbxd
uni2573 lightdiagcrossbxd
uni2574 lightleftbxd
uni2575 lightupbxd
uni2576 lightrightbxd
uni2577 lightdnbxd
uni2578 heavyleftbxd
uni2579 heavyupbxd
uni257A heavyrightbxd
uni257B heavydnbxd
uni257C lightleftheavyrightbxd
uni257D lightupheavydnbxd
uni257E heavyleftlightrightbxd
uni257F heavyuplightdnbxd
uni2580 uphalfblock
uni2581 dneighthblock
uni2582 dnquarterblock
uni2583 dnthreeeighthsblock
uni2584 dnhalfblock
uni2585 dnfiveeighthsblock
uni2586 dnthreequartersblock
uni2587 dnseveneighthsblock
uni2588 fullblock
uni2589 leftseveneighthsblock
uni258A leftthreequartersblock
uni258B leftfiveeighthsblock
uni258C lefthalfblock
uni258D leftthreeeighthsblock
uni258E leftquarterblock
uni258F lefteighthblock
uni2590 righthalfblock
uni2591 lightshade
uni2592 mediumshade
uni2593 darkshade
uni2594 upeighthblock
uni2595 righteighthblock
uni2596 dnleftquadrant
uni2597 dnrightquadrant
uni2598 upleftquadrant
uni2599 upleftdnleftdnrightquadrant
uni259A upleftdnrightquadrant
uni259B upleftuprightdnleftquadrant
uni259C upleftuprightdnrightquadrant
uni259D uprightquadrant
uni259E uprightdnleftquadrant
uni259F uprightdnleftdnrightquadrant
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