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Source Code Pro does not implement box-drawing characters. (Wikipedia)

Support for these characters would make Source Code Pro more useful for use in terminals/consoles.


On a related note to this bug, it'd be even more awesome if the entire CP437 character set were covered for use in Windows command prompts:


Is there anyone who wants to take on drawing these? If someone will do the drawing, I can look into incorporating these glyphs into the fonts.


This is clearly a popular request. Going to clean this thread up a bit, we had +1 from @rstacruz (Vim + Tmux user), @bimawa, @cadusk, @wedgwood, @yankcrime, and @lollipopman

(seems like GitHub could use "Star" an issue for or even a +1 button, so people can express their desire for a feature without triggering notifications to everyone?)

Lets keep this thread for discussion of the the feature itself from now on please.

Adobe Fonts member

This is to inform you that I am currently working on the full set of box drawing characters and block elements (U+2500 – U+259F); and that we are to release a new version of SCP – in Paul’s own words – “soon-ish”.

@frankrolf frankrolf closed this Nov 2, 2012

The box drawing characters were added in version 1.013.

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