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A C++ client library for Apache Kafka v0.8+. Also includes C API.
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A C++ client library for Apache Kafka v0.8+. Also includes C API. With a full unit test suite.

Supports the following Kafka API request/response calls:

  • Metadata
  • Produce
  • Fetch
  • Offset

Includes support for MessageSet compression using GZIP or Snappy compression.

Not compatible with Kafka versions prior to 0.8 due to wire protocol changes.


Current release version: 0.5.0 (see RELEASES)


  • zlib for CRC calculation, GZIP compression
  • Snappy for Snappy compression
  • Google Test for unit tests
  • (optional) lcov/gcov for unit test coverage reporting
  • (optional) doxygen for C/C++ API documentation


Supports both autoconf and maven builds:

Autoconf (g++)

  • ./
  • ./configure
  • make (builds shared library)
  • make check (runs protocol unit tests, expects a kafka broker at host:port and with topics as specified in
  • make rpm (packages an RPM, tested on CentOs 6.x, genearted into ./rpm/RPMS/$(arch))
  • make distcheck (produces release packages, tar.gz and tar.bz2)
  • make maintainer-clean (clean all autoconf generated files)
  • make rpm-clean (clean all artifacts of rpm, dist, and autotools)

Unit test coverage reports (gcov/lcov)

  • ./ && ./configure --enable-gcov && make && make check && make coverage-html
  • HTML reports produced in ./coveragereport

Maven (clang)

  • mvn clean install (builds shared library, command line apps)
  • mvn test (runs protocol unit tests)


  • Make with -DDEBUG or uncomment -DDEBUG in the top level pom.xml, and rebuild for full protocol debugging output.


  • Valgrind currently provides a clean memory leak report for the unit test suite. Future commits will maintain this.
  • ./ runs the valgrind tests with suppressions for Mac OS X.


High-level examples:

  • Take a look at the samples directory.

Low-level examples:

  • Take a look at in test/src. There are examples for Metadata, Produce, Fetch, and Offsets, with all of the compression combinations.
  • Take a look at the unit tests in test/src to see examples for any individual class.


  • Advanced client with error handling, metadata/broker/leader updates, and offset management
  • load testing for Produce and Fetch

Known issues

  • Nested MessageSet blocks are not yet handled. This is a wonky part of the protocol.
  • The extern C wrrapper for C++ calls is not yet implemented.
  • The .deb packaging remains broken. RPM packaging is fully operational.

Fixed Issues



Licensed under the Apache Software License 2.0. See LICENSE file.

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