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Selection jiggles while resizing window horizontally #1283

redmunds opened this Issue · 8 comments

5 participants

Randy Edmunds Peter Flynn Peter Thiess Narciso Jaramillo Glenn Ruehle
Randy Edmunds

1. On any page, find/create a line of text with > 60 chars
2. Select roughly the middle 1/3 of the line of text
3. Change the width of brackets app

The painting of the selection highlighting briefly changes with the width of the window (seems to be a percentage of viewport width). It quickly snaps back to the correct size, but there is enough delay to make it very noticeable.

Selection highlighting does not change with editor window width

This seems to be caused by recent CodeMirror changes.

Peter Flynn

Definitely a regression from the last CodeMirror merge. Probably same cause as #1267. Marijn has already pushed up a fix for that, so I'll test whether it covers this case too.

Peter Flynn peterflynn was assigned
Peter Flynn

Confirmed this is now fixed in CodeMirror upstream -- next sprint's CM merge will give us a fix

Peter Thiess

Reviewed thats opened for Sprint 12. Waiting to get the fix in CM.

Peter Flynn

The CodeMirror merge has been deferred to Sprint 13 due to some recent instability in the CM scrolling code. Pushing this bug out till then.

Peter Flynn

This seems much harder to reproduce in brackets-shell, but it's definitely still there (noticeable especially on my older Mac).

Peter Flynn peterflynn referenced this issue in adobe/CodeMirror2

Fix bugs with selection width #74

Narciso Jaramillo

Turns out the fix in CodeMirror (which we've merged) doesn't fully fix this case, though it does reduce how often it happens. I've filed codemirror/CodeMirror#745 on this, so we can continue to track it. Removing sprint 13.

Glenn Ruehle

This is fixed in CodeMirror v3 branch. See codemirror/CodeMirror@314e7ea

Randy Edmunds

Confirmed that this is fixed in cmv3 branch. Closing.

Randy Edmunds redmunds closed this
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