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  1. The standard CSS implementation of the Spectrum design language.

    CSS 760 133

  2. A simple mock implementation of the AWS S3 API startable as Docker image, JUnit 4 rule, or JUnit Jupiter extension

    Java 310 105

  3. Set of standardized components to build websites on AEM.

    Java 440 432

  4. A front-end to Jekyll that parses C++ sources to produce and enforce out-of-line documentation

    C++ 244 26

  5. Natural Language Processing Pipeline - Sentence Splitting, Tokenization, Lemmatization, Part-of-speech Tagging and Dependency Parsing

    Python 337 66

  6. Features from the rust language in javascript: Provides Traits/Type classes & an advanced library for working with sequences/iterators in js

    JavaScript 432 19


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