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Feature Request: Leading indent guides based on user Tab Size setting #3358

itswil opened this Issue · 1 comment

2 participants


Leading indents should be represented with indent guides.
Top image: Current behavior (sprint 22 experimental build 0.22.0-6428)
Bottom image: Sublime Text 2 with dotted lines to show indented lines

It has been implemented by lkcampbell:

Possible bug that the indent guides do not extend over blank lines (note line 8):

njx commented

Hi @itswil - (as you point out) this is already available as an extension, and in general, we're encouraging most of this kind of functionality as extensions rather than core. We're working on features to make extensions more discoverable and easier to install, so it should be easier for people to discover this kind of functionality and get it into their Brackets quickly.


@njx njx closed this
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