Brackets rendered unusable if current project folder is deleted between launches, and Getting Started folder has been deleted in the past #6505

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1. Install Brackets
2. Delete Getting Started Folder
3. Create New Project
4. Exit Brackets
5. Rename or Delete New Project Folder
6. Relaunch Brackets

When Brackets fails to load the New Project, it falls back to the Getting Started folder, and gets stuck in a prompt loop that makes UI unusable, requires an End Task, and re-install of Brackets or re-creation of an empty "Getting Started" or the previously deleted "New Project" Folder.

Suggested workarounds:
1. Remove fallback to Getting Started folder
2. Only prompt a single time and not get stuck in a loop when Getting Started folder is no longer there.

Reference this commit for possible bug:

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This is an unfortunate known issue - Brackets currently can't deal with having no open project, and it would be nontrivial work to fix that (see However, @dangoor pointed out that we could have a relatively simple stopgap fix, which is that if we detect that there's no Getting Started folder, pop up the Open Folder dialog.

Opening to me, low priority.

@njx njx added this to the Brackets 1.0 milestone Apr 24, 2014
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Nominating for 1.0 since some other folks have run into this and the potential temp fix should be easy.

@njx njx added the needs review label Apr 24, 2014
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Also marking "needs review" since we went past this bug in the 1.0 review.


Proposed flow:
1. Try to load any other project from the Recent Project List (in MRU order)
2. If Recent Project List is empty, try to load Getting Started project
3. If Getting Started project doesn't exist, pop up File Open dialog
4. If user Cancels out of File Open dialog, then use Brackets Installation folder

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@redmunds Good thoughts! I bet step 1 will actually cover 99% of the cases.

For the final step, I'd been picturing just cycling the user back into the Open Folder dialog again -- but that's actually bad since it prevents quitting. Throwing them into the install folder seems like a better approach, even if it's still kinda ugly.

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Can't we just show the empty screen (with the Brackets logo in the background, just like no file is opened) as 4. step?

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Yeah, it's not a UI problem - it's the fact that other code in Brackets or extensions might blow up if there's no current project. Just an issue we need to fix that we haven't gotten around to.

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njx commented May 5, 2014

Reviewed, leaving in 1.0.

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I tested these cases with pr #9372
1. Falling back to Sample Project
2. Falling back to brackets source (deleted sample project)
3. Falling back to previous in the MRU list

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@JeffryBooher Can this be closed now that the fix is merged? It has a "pick me up" label but no Waffle column label... but it looks like the fix has landed already.


Apologies. I wanted to confirm if we needed to keep it open or not with @redmunds before closing.


@JeffryBooher I think it's been tested enough, so I'm good with closing it.

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