Search issue with large folder #8508

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Environment: OSX.
Folder is 130.2 MB, with 30,702 items.
SSD, not a network drive.

I can't ever get a search to complete, nor can I get a count to show up when editing an exclusion.


I'm seeing this too after downloading all extensions using BracketsExtensionGrsbber and opening the downloads folder. I even setup a pretty robust exclude filter.


While we'd love to be able to process any number of files, regardless of size, in a reasonable amount of time, the goals for this issue are:

  • Verify that Brackets still displays (modal dialog?) warning when searching over 30K files
  • Make sure search completes in all cases
  • Make sure count is updated (eventually) in all cases

Nice to have:

  • Seems like the Create Exclusion Set dialog which shows the count of files to be processed might be a good place to warn user about the "more than 30K file limitation" and what to expect
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Closing as a dupe of #6962, which is already tracking this issue. Will transfer priority over there.

@peterflynn peterflynn closed this Jul 28, 2014

@peterflynn The "goals for this issue" that Randy outlined seemed a bit different to me than #6962 which sounds more like "make it work". The more narrow goals could possibly be summarized as "tell the user what we're doing or not doing for them" (that warning message, maybe display something other than the count if we don't have an accurate count of files)

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FYI, I investigated the file count issue. The problem is that ProjectManager.getAllFiles() has no handler and therefore any errors will be lost.
But _getAllFilesCache() returns a TooManyEntries error in that case.

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@SAPlayer Yes, that's exactly what #6962 is about. Afaik the goal in that bug is exactly what @dangoor stated above: show a clear error dialog (and perhaps also do what we did pre-FS: complete the operation with a random subset of files missing).

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