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Rundeck telnet Plugin


A Rundeck Node Executor plugin that allow to execute commands on remote nodes over telnet.


  • passwordStoragePath - Rundeck default storage path for the telnet user password (currently it is not working)

This plugin provides a NodeExecutor called telnet, which you can set as on your node defintion:

<node name="telnetdevicename" node-executor="telnet" .../>

Or set as the default NodeExecutor for your project/framework properties file, with service.NodeExecutor.default.provider=telnet.

These Node attributes are used to connect or iteract to the remote host:

  • username - Remote telnet username, required..
  • hostname - Remote telnet host required.
  • password - Remote telnet password, required.
  • telnet_port - Remote telnet port, default is 23.
  • telnet_prompt - Remote telnet prompt, default is #.
  • telnet_chk_user - Output pattern for user input, default is Username:.
  • telnet_chk_passwd - Output pattern for password input, default is Password:.
  • telnet_exit_cmd - Telnet exit command, default is quit.


This plugin requiere of expect