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πŸ“„ The official documentation of AdonisJs
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Guiradi and RomainLanz Add last method description (#369)
It may be that some people, like me before some research, still do not know that besides the 'first' method to find the first row from the database, it is also possible to use the 'last' method to find the latest row.
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03-getting-started Reverted "NOTE" back to a "WARNING". Oct 17, 2018
06-Digging-Deeper fix(macro): remove wrong arrow function (#354) Mar 8, 2019
07-Database fix incorrect call in getCountDistinct example (#375) Oct 22, 2019
08-Lucid-ORM Add last method description (#369) Oct 22, 2019
10-testing Grammatical tweaks to section "10". (#360) Apr 17, 2019
recipes fix(views): rename css to style Mar 7, 2019

Adonis Documentation πŸ“š

This repo contains the documentation for AdonisJs framework written in Asciidoc

The docs are compiled and render via repo which itself is a Adonisjs app.

Make sure to read the README of repo to understand, how to run documentation on your machine.


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