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AdonisJS Framework

The Node.js Framework that prefers developer joy and stability over anything else.

Pinned repositories

  1. 🚀 The Node.js Framework highly focused on developer ergonomics, stability and confidence

    TypeScript 8.3k 457

  2. AdonisJS official SQL ORM. Supports PostgreSQL, MySQL, MSSQL, Redshift, SQLite and many more

    TypeScript 471 102

  3. Node.js framework for creating command line applications

    TypeScript 184 19

  4. 🕸 Source Code of the website

    Vue 84 54

  5. 📄 The official documentation of AdonisJs

    151 175

  6. 💬 Sharing big changes with community to add them to the AdonisJs eco-system

    29 2


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