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This is the repository of the Software Engineering Repository of my master thesis.


You need an up and running instance of Apache Solr
Create a core called serepo with the command: solr create_core -c serepo

How to run

mvn clean install

To run the RESTful HTTP API:
cd serepo-rest
mvn tomcat7:run

The RESTful HTTP API will be available under http://localhost:8080/serepo

To run the SE-Repo Webapplication:
cd serepo-client-webapp
mvn tomcat7:run

The application will be available under http://localhost:8081/serepo-webapp


The RESTful HTTP API can be configured within the file serepo-rest/serepo-config.json
The webapplication can be configured whithin the file serepo-client-webapp/serepo-webapp-config.json

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