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Procedural audio models for video games with Chunity

Demo for the Audio Developer Conference (ADC), London, 18-20 November 2019.

Chunity is a plugin for using the ChucK programming language in the Unity game engine. This repository contains several procedural audio models of sound effects made in ChucK and implemented in Unity via Chunity.

Video of the demo alt text

Repository organisation:

ChucK Standalone: Standalone version of the models.

Procedural Chunity: Unity project with the implemented models.

Using the standalone models

The standalone version of the models can be used directly in ChucK. The functionality of the models is equivalent to the ones implemented in Chunity, apart from the real-time control. midiFan uses MIDI as an example of controlling the models in real-time.

Using the Unity scene

Unity version used: 2019.2.10f1

To use the Unity scene, the following two packages have to be downloaded to the project from the Unity Asset Store:

After importing everything the project should run without problems. However, to use the provided AudioMixer (which implements separate channels for each model and reverb), the following steps are required:

  1. Do not import the Mixers folder from the Chunity plugin:

Alt text

  1. Comment out the following line (491) in ChuckSubInstance.cs (found in Assets/Chunity/Scripts). This bypass the default routing and allow to output each model to different channels.

Alt text


Procedural audio demo made in Chunity for the Audio Developer Conference (ADC), London, 18-20 November 2019.






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