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Stream Apache Arrow RecordBatches into Postgres.


Postgres supports two bulk load formats: text (including CSV) and a custom binary format. Loading data from CSVs is convenient but has a lot of problems:

  • CSV has no standard for missing values. You have to configure the load with a specific string (or lack thereof) to interpret as null.
  • CSV is untyped so you can end up loading a float as an int and such.
  • There is no standard for quoting delimiters in text columns, leading to the need to escape characters or sanitize the data before loading it.
  • CSV files don't natively support any sort of compression. This results in larger files in storage and more data transferred compared to compressible formats.

Other data systems, particularly data warehouses like BigQuery and Redshift, have robust support for exporting data to Parquet and CSV. Exporting to CSV has the same pitfalls as loading from CSV, and sometimes even conflicting semantics for nulls, escaped delimiters, quotation and type conversions.

Since Postgres does not natively support loading from Parquet this library provides an io-free encoder that can convert from Parquet to Postgres' binary format on the fly. It accepts Arrow data as an input which means great support for reading Parquet files from all sorts of sources (disk, HTTP, object stores, etc.) in an efficient and performant manner.

Benchmarks using the NYC Yellow Cab dataset show that it takes pgpq less than 1 second to encode 1M rows and that the cost of encoding + binary copy is lower than the cost of a native CSV copy (which ignores the cost of a CSV export if the data was a Parquet file in the first place).

Python distribution

A Python wrapper that is published on PyPi. It takes pyarrow data as an input.

See py for more info and a use example.

Rust crate

The core is written in Rust and can be used in Rust-based projects. It doesn't depend on any particular database driver and accepts arrow-rs objects as inputs.

See core.

Data type support

We currently support nearly all scalar data types as well as List/Array data types. There's no reason we can't support struct data types as well.

Arrow Postgres
Boolean BOOL
UInt8 INT2
UInt16 INT4
UInt32 INT8
Int16 INT2
Int32 INT4
Int64 INT8
Float16 FLOAT4
Float32 FLOAT4
Float64 FLOAT8
Timestamp(Nanosecond) Not supported
Timestamp(Microsecond) TIMESTAMP
Timestamp(Millisecond) TIMESTAMP
Timestamp(Second) TIMESTAMP
Date32 DATE
Date64 Not supported
Time32(Millisecond) TIME
Time32(Second) TIME
Time64(Nanosecond) Not supported
Time64(Microsecond) TIME
Duration(Nanosecond) Not supported
Duration(Microsecond) INTERVAL
Duration(Millisecond) INTERVAL
Duration(Second) INTERVAL
Binary BYTEA
List<T> Array<T>

JSONB support

For more complex data types, like a struct with list fields, you might be better off dumping the data into a JSONB column. The arrow-json rust crate arrow-json Python package provide support for converting arbitrary Arrow arrays into arrays of JSON strings, which can then be loaded into a JSONB column.

Advantages over using a foreign data wrapper

  • Many hosted Postgres flavors dont support extensions
  • You're in control of compute and can scale it outside of your database, which is typically much cheaper and flexible
  • No dependencies of Parquet or Postgres librararies, this is a fully self contained binary
  • You control auth on both ends (to the source and destination)


Stream Arrow data into Postgres







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