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Home directory

This is my basic homedir setup which includes config files and some binaries.

I keep it under revision control so it's easier to setup new machines and keep existing ones in sync.

This approach draws inspiration from Mark Norman Francis' home and homedir setup.

The structure attempts to:

  1. Keep everything inside a single revision controlled folder (homedir)
  2. Loosely nimic the Unix file system hierarchy inside that folder (configurations in etc, binaries in bin, etc)
  3. Keep things separate and clear
  4. Avoid hidden files

This is highly personal and may or may not work for you but feel free to clone or fork my work in you think it's useful.

Usage and installation

  1. back up all your config files (e.g. .bashrc, .bash_profile, .vimrc, .gitconfig, etc)
  2. clone this repository
  3. manually create symlinks to the files in homedir/etc


  1. installation script offering automatic symlinking
  2. figure out integration with my dotvim setup
  3. investigate auto-syncing from github repository