Plugin which integrates CakePHP with Yourls (Your Own URL Shortener).
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Install and Setup

First add this repository as git submodule in your CakePHP project:

git submodule add APP/Plugin/Yourls
git submodule update --init

Once installed you'll need to create a file /APP/Config/yourls.php. You can find an example of what you'll need and how it is laid out in /Yourls/Config/yourls.php.example.

$config = array(
	'Yourls' => array(
		'url' => 'YOURLS_URL',
		'username' => 'YOURLS_USERNAME',
		'password' => 'YOURLS_PASSWORD',


You can call the component from any action in a controller or automate url shortening just using the follow code in your /APP/Controller/AppController.php:

public function beforeRender() {
	$this->shortIt = true;
	$this->pageTitle = 'your url title goes here'

PS: is necessary to provide a title for shorter method otherwise it will go in a infinite loop trying to resolve URL's title using YOURLS internal libs.

Than from yout view, access the shorted url using:

<?php echo $shorturl['url']; ?>

To get statistics from all your links you need to choose between json or xml. This new setup changes the return from shorturl method.

public $components = array(
	'Yourls.Yourls' => array(
		'format' => 'xml'