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Import and export backup files of Pain-free Passwords
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KeePass Pain-free Passwords Converter

KeepassPfpConverter is a KeePass 2.x plugin, command-line tool and library to work with Pain-free Passwords backups.

Compatible with Pain-free Passwords and Adrium Easy Pass.

Join the discussion on the SourceForge announcement thread


  • Import & Export supported
  • Imports stored and generated passwords to the root group with a default icon
  • Exports all entries as "stored" entries
  • Handles password revisions and notes
  • Handles custom fields


  • Mono 5.16 on Ubuntu 18.10
  • .NET Framework 2.0 on Windows XP
  • .NET Framework 4.0 on Windows 10


  • Legacy versions

Download and installation

You can get the latest release from the Releases page. To install, unpack the archive and copy its contents to the KeePass Plugins directory.

KeePass 2.09 or higher is required for the plugin to work.

Custom Fields

Custom fields (string fields in Advanced tab) are exported to the note field as Name: Value.

They can also be imported in the same format. Values consisting of multiple lines are not supported.

Command-line Tool

The tool can be used to decrypt and encrypt backup JSON files for manual editing or import from other tools.


Just run the build script.

Instead of sacrificing syntactic suger, the build relies on ILSpyConvert to generate C# 2 compatible code.

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