A PHP library to interact with TI-z80 (82/83/84 series) calculators files (programs, lists, matrices, etc.)
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tivars_lib Build Status

A PHP "library" to interact with TI-Z80/eZ80 (82/83/84 series) calculators files (programs, lists, matrices...).

How to use

Right now, the best documentation is the tests file itself, which uses the main API methods.
Basically, though, there are loading/saving/conversion (data->string, string->data) methods you just have to call.

Example 1: Here's how to read the source of TI-Basic program from an .8xp file and output it in HTML:

$myPrgm = TIVarFile::loadFromFile('the/path/to/myProgram.8xp');
$basicSource = $myPrgm->getReadableContent(); // You can pass options like ['reindent' => true]...
echo '<pre><code>' . htmlentities($basicSource, ENT_QUOTES) . '</code></pre>';

Example 2: Here's how to create a TI-Basic program (output: .8xp file) from a string:

$newPrgm = TIVarFile::createNew(TIVarType::createFromName('Program'));  // Create an empty "container" first
$newPrgm->setVarName('TEST');                                           // (also an optional parameter above)
$newPrgm->setContentFromString('ClrHome:Disp "Hello World!"');          // Set the var's content from a string
$newPrgm->saveVarToFile('path/to/output/directory/', 'myNewPrgrm');     // The extension added automatically

Several optional parameters for the functions are available. For instance, French is a supported input/output language for the program vartype, which is choosable with a boolean in an options array to pass.

Note: The code throws exceptions for you to catch in case of trouble.

Vartype handlers implementation: current status

Vartype data->string string->data
Real List
Protected Program
Complex List
Application Variable
Exact Complex Fraction
Exact Real Radical
Exact Complex Radical
Exact Complex Pi
Exact Complex Pi Fraction
Exact Real Pi
Exact Real Pi Fraction

Note that some of the special varnames restrictions (for strings, matrices, list...) aren't implemented yet.

To this date, there are no plans to support other types (except maybe some fancy things with the image/picture vartypes...).
Pull Requests are welcome, though :)