A library for probabilistic programming in Haskell.
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Build Status

A library for probabilistic programming in Haskell using probability monads. The emphasis is on composition of inference algorithms implemented in terms of monad transformers. The code is still experimental, but will be released on Hackage as soon as it reaches relative stability. User's guide will appear soon. In the meantime see the models folder that contains several examples.

For the code associated with Haskell2015 paper "Practical Probabilistic Programming with Monads" see the haskell2015 branch.

Installation (using Stack)

Ensure stack is already installed by following these instructions

To fork repo:

git clone https://github.com/adscib/monad-bayes.git

To run the build:

stack build

To test the code:

stack test

To open interactive session:

stack ghci


Contributions are always welcome. Please use the issue tracker to report bugs, make feature requests, and offer suggestions for improving performance. Showing interest in the project in any form will help speed up the development process.

If you are an experienced Haskell developer we would appreciate your suggestions and comments for how to best solve issues listed in the tracker. If you'd like to contribute a patch, you're more than welcome to create a pull request. For more significant changes please make sure to consult us first.


  • Adam Ścibior
  • Yufei Cai
  • Eli Sennesh