How to convert ADST tokens

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Generate public keys

First off all you have to generate secret (SK) and public (PK) keys. You can do this by using our online tool: or linux command line tool:

Get an account

Next write a message on our telegram channel and ask for an account. Remember that you should never give your secret key (SK). Public key (PK) and a signature of a empty string (SG) is enough to create an account.

Check your account

After you get your account address, you should check it. Just type it in a search field in the blockexplorer:

It can take a while (max 15 min.) to register your new account in blockexplorer. Please note if the Id and Public Key are correct.

blockexplorer account check

Burn your tokens

Once you will have your account operating, we have prepared a web tool that will help you prepare a proper transaction for Ethereum network. This tool will also validate an account address.

Enjoy brand new ADS coins

Every conversion is checked manually, so it can take up to 24 hours. You can check status here:

After all your account balance should be increased by the burned tokens.

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