Python modules for zabbix.
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Zabbix module for Python


You can install Zabbix modules for Python with pip:

pip install py-zabbix

Official documentaion for py-zabbix



from zabbix.api import ZabbixAPI

# Create ZabbixAPI class instance
zapi = ZabbixAPI(url='https://localhost/zabbix/', user='admin', password='zabbix')

# Get all monitored hosts
result1 =, output='extend')

# Get all disabled hosts
result2 = zapi.do_request('host.get',
                              'filter': {'status': 1},
                              'output': 'extend'

# Filter results
hostnames1 = [host['host'] for host in result1]
hostnames2 = [host['host'] for host in result2['result']]


from pyzabbix import ZabbixMetric, ZabbixSender

# Send metrics to zabbix trapper
packet = [
  ZabbixMetric('hostname1', 'test[cpu_usage]', 2),
  ZabbixMetric('hostname1', 'test[system_status]', "OK"),
  ZabbixMetric('hostname1', 'test[disk_io]', '0.1'),
  ZabbixMetric('hostname1', 'test[cpu_usage]', 20, 1411598020),

result = ZabbixSender(use_config=True).send(packet)