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Passive DNS server interface

pdns-qof server is a cof "Common Output Format" compliant passive DNS query interface for the pdns-toolkit or similar passive dns.



pip3 install .

Running the qof-server

The server is using the default Redis configuration for the pdns-toolkit. Don't forget to change it if you have different configuration for your Passive dns data store.



{"count": 127814, "time_first": 1298398002, "rrtype": "CNAME", "rrname": "", "rdata": "", "time_last": 1389022792}
{"count": 112, "time_first": 1298398002, "rrtype": "A", "rrname": "", "rdata": "", "time_last": 1354530214}
{"count": 4, "time_first": 1361180820, "rrtype": "A", "rrname": "", "rdata": "", "time_last": 1366210757}
{"count": 2, "time_first": 1357803074, "rrtype": "A", "rrname": "", "rdata": "", "time_last": 1357803074}
{"count": 2, "time_first": 1388399295, "rrtype": "A", "rrname": "", "rdata": "", "time_last": 1388399295}
{"count": 48, "time_first": 1374008604, "rrtype": "A", "rrname": "", "rdata": "", "time_last": 1384916107}
{"count": 94256, "time_first": 1298398002, "rrtype": "A", "rrname": "", "rdata": "", "time_last": 1361278027}
{"count": 213, "time_first": 1298398834, "rrtype": "A", "rrname": "", "rdata": "", "time_last": 1355432823}

rr-types tool is a tool to dump current IANA DNS RR types in various formats.

python3 bin/ --help
usage: [-h] [-d] [-j] [-i] [-v]

Dump IANA DNS parameters in various formats

optional arguments:
  -h, --help  show this help message and exit
  -d          Python dict
  -j          JSON output (default format)
  -i          Disable integer value RR check
  -v          Verbose output