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The iotools package provides a set of simple command line tools which allow
access to hardware device registers. Supported register interfaces include PCI, IO, memory mapped IO, SMBus, CPUID, and MSR. Also included are some utilities
which allow for simple arithmetic, logical, and other operations.

If you ever have to debug hardware, you could probably use these tools.


iotools currently does not use an autoconf script or anything similar to build.
iotools has only been tested to run and build on Linux. Additionally, it is
assumed that gcc is being used to build. In order to build iotools, one just
has to type 'make.'

There are a few options that can be used during the build.

DEBUG - If set to 1, debugging symbols will be generated in the binaries. The
build currently turns this option on if the DEBUG variable has not been

STATIC - If set to 1, the binary is linked statically. The build currently
turns this option on if the STATIC variable has not been assigned.

CROSS_COMPILE - This variable can be set to a path of another gcc. The build
will use the compiler pointed to by CROSS_COMPILE.

There is a 'rinstall' build target that will scp the iotools binary to a remote
system defined by the RHOST variable. RUSER can be defined to login with RUSER
to perform the copy. If RUSER is not defined, RUSER defaults to 'root.'


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