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Firefox IndexSizeError for flambe.platform.html.CanvasDrawingContext.DrawSubImage #55

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In firefox., but not in Chrome:

I am getting an IndexSizeError in the drawSubImage function in the flambe.platform.html.CanvasDrawingContext prototype declaration

Here is what the console is showing:

IndexSizeError: Index or size is negative or greater than the allowed amount
Line 4865

Which links to this snippet of code:

,drawSubImage: function(texture,destX,destY,sourceX,sourceY,sourceW,sourceH) {
var htmlTexture = texture;


Please post a full stack trace if available.


Any more info on this? It sounds like Firefox is complaining about a negative width/height to drawImage. If this traces back to somewhere in Flambe, I definitely want to see this fixed. :)


Yeah, it was a negative issue. When i limited the values for above zero only it worked. It was the SourceX and SourceY that were negative, everything else was positive i believe.


If you're using flash to create Starling spritesheets and using them in Flambe, Flash will put negative values in for your sourceX and sourceY when it encounters empty frames of animation.

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