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rollbar.lisp is a service for collecting automated telemetry (ie, bug reports, mostly) through their web service.

This package is a completely independent attempt to re-implement their general “per-language” APIs in such a way as to be useful for Common Lisp programs. It is not particularly “authorized” and definitely not “supported” by Rollbar, but they have kindly added it to their list of third-party libraries, so it's not unknown to them.

Automatic telemetry

In general, you should be able to establish a dynamic extent in which Rollbar is your effective “debugger” and have conditions reported to the servers without much additional tooling on your part.

    (:access-token "…"
     :environment "development"
     :code-version "v1.0"
     :framework "my-cool-framework"
     :server (machine-instance))
    (rollbar:with-rollbar-for-debugger ()

See also rollbar:classify-error-level to customize how conditions are classified.

“Manual” telemetry

See: rollbar:notify for the general case, or rollbar:debug!, info!, warning!, error!, and critical! to skip right to various levels.

(rollbar:notify :info "Hello, World")
    (error "I'm so sad")
  (error (condition)
    (rollbar:error! "Good-bye, Cruel World"
                    :condition condition)))