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Simple script that builds an AWS Lambda deployment package including OpenCV
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Python OpenCV module for AWS Lambda

Simple Mustache Service demo
Simple Mustache Service is an AWS Lambda demo that uses this module


This is a simple script that builds a deployment package including OpenCV compatible with the AWS Lambda Python runtime. The dynamic library is compiled with all extended instruction sets supported by Lambda CPU and binaries are stripped to save space. You simply need to add your code inside and possibly your haar cascades files or additional Python modules. You can directly download a pre-built archive.

  • Build duration: ~20 min on T2.micro / ~15 min on C4.2xlarge
  • Package size without haar cascades included: 26MB
  • OpenCV 3.2 by default but may work with newer

Needs to be built on an Amazon Linux instance.

Module building

Option 1: with an existing instance

  • Download the repo wget
  • Unzip the archive unzip
  • Launch the script cd aws-lambda-python-opencv-master && ./

Option 2: without an existing instance

In the EC2 console, launch a new instance with:

  • Amazon Linux AMI
  • Role with S3 write permission
  • Shutdown behavior: Terminate
  • Paste the script below in the user data text field
yum update -y
yum install -y git cmake gcc-c++ gcc python-devel chrpath

cd /tmp
chmod 777 aws-lambda-python-opencv-master
cd aws-lambda-python-opencv-master
su -c './' ec2-user

aws s3 cp s3://<my-target-bucket>
shutdown -h now
  • Replace my-target-bucket by a bucket or your choice
  • Less than 30 min later the instance will be terminated and the archive will be available on your bucket
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