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i have a problem if in the existing tags list some of the

  • elements contains & or &

    for example if i have

    • test & test1
    • test & test2

    the tag name, and the hidden field value will be "test & test1" in the first case and "test & test2" in the second. If we type new tag as "test & test3" the tag title and hidden field value is the same "test & test3"

    here is my workaround of the problem if it will help you in some way:

    tagit.js line 316

    var label = $(this.options.onTagClicked ? '<a class="tagit-label"></a>' : '<span class="tagit-label"></span>').text(value);

    var label = $(this.options.onTagClicked ? '<a class="tagit-label"></a>' : '<span class="tagit-label"></span>').html(value);

  • @aehlke

    Fixed in #106

    @aehlke aehlke closed this Nov 23, 2012
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